NEW: Email Templates V6.0 for Outlook

Email Templates™ is an extension to Microsoft Outlook designed to send personalized messages rapidly to individuals and multiple recipients. Email Templates has the ability to create customizable message templates, speeding the process of handling email.

Boost Productivity with Email Templates 6.0

Make the most out of Outlook with Email Templates.  The latest Email Templates release supports advanced templating support for Outlook RSS feeds.  Email Templates V6 is loaded with powerful productivity and organizational features including Template Hot-Keys, HTML Quotes, Quotes with Attachments, Multi-Level Subfolders, and more! 

Email Templates Online Demo

What is Email Templates? How can it help me spend less time writing Email?

Watch a short online demo and learn exactly how Email Templates will help you save time, increase efficiency, and boost your email productivity!

A Microsoft Outlook Add-In

  • Provides an efficient way to answer email!
  • Helps you stay connected with your customers!
  • Enhances your on-line customer relationships!
  • Strengthens internal communication efforts!
  • Presents personalized, professional communication!
  • Helps you retain a high level of quality and service!

Why Use Email Templates?

Today, more and more businesses and organizations depend on email correspondence than ever before. Email presents countless opportunities for you to provide better, faster communication to boost customer service, sales, employee relations or project implementation.

Many times, however, the email management and response process can become encumbered by repetition and human error.

Email Templates saves time, increases efficiency, and can be easily used by anyone who uses email.

More about Email Templates

To find out more about the basics of Email Templates, please take a look at the product description or our features page.